A list of available Duda Webhook Events.


All webhooks related to page events are listed below.

Page Published

A notification is sent when a site page is published. A publish can be triggered inside the Duda editor. Event type: PAGE_PUBLISHED

  "data": {
    "pageUuid": "f408e3b0a2a04ecdb47dda40b42e45c5",
    "pageAlias": "home"
  "source": {
    "type": "EDITOR",
    "account_name": "[email protected]"
  "resource_data": {
    "site_name": "2dbf8579"
  "event_timestamp": 1686864645790,
  "event_type": "PAGE_PUBLISHED"
data.pageUuidstringThe internal unique identifier of the published page.
data.pageAliasstringThe title of the published page. It's used in the navigation of the site and pages menu.
source.typestringThe location of the source for the publish event. Possible values are EDITOR
source.account_namestringIf a publish was triggered through the editor, then this contains the account who initiated the publish