Learn about Duda's App Store and how to be a part of it.

About Duda

Duda is the platform that web professionals trust to build their business on. Web professionals rely on Duda to design beautiful websites and manage & collaborate with their clients. We serve all types of customers, from freelance web professionals and digital agencies to SaaS/Technology companies all the way up to the largest hosting companies and online publishers in the world.

Duda's code-free editor empowers our customers to quickly build websites that are stable, secure, functional, and require minimal ongoing maintenance.

About the App Store

Duda's App Store aims to provide powerful and deeply integrated products and tools to help our agencies provide more value, build websites faster, or grow the customers they serve. Apps in Duda's App Store are secure, stable, functional, and easy to implement for Web Professionals.

The best Apps quickly and effortlessly solve a pain point that a Web Professional is having by giving them quick access to the right tool for the right job.

Want to Build An App?

First off, we're super excited you're interested in building an App! We're here along the way to work with you and answer questions. The high-level process for taking an App live is:

  1. Read through the high-level types of Apps we allow and related requirements: App Technical Requirements and Recommendations
  2. Plan your App. Think about the onboarding experience, where you will integrate with Duda (besides just the iframe/SSO), what your pricing will look like and where your App will provide value to Duda’s customer base of web professionals and agencies.
  3. Set a meeting to collaborate with Duda about your App. We’re more than happy to help and give guidance and recommendations on any aspect of the integration. We’re happy to sign a mutual NDA beforehand if you’d like as well. Here are a few topics we’ll discuss with you:
    1. Integration touchpoints: How your App will be integrated with Duda, how it will appear and what APIs or features you’ll be leveraging
    2. Plans and pricing: If the App is a paid App, what will be the pricing you offer to Duda customers?
    3. How does your App detail technical requirements like SSO, GDPR/Privacy, Accessibility, and Site Speed.
    4. Describe how you plan to fill in the profile with relevant information and content for success.
  4. Sign the Partner Agreement and also the DPA. We'll send this to you!
  5. Start development work (can be done in parallel with #4)
  6. Update the App Profile and make it relevant
  7. Submit your App back to Duda to review and QA.
  8. Plan a launch date.
  9. Duda will push your App live and we can announce it to the world.

Get in contact

After you've read through, get in contact with us! Email us and set up a meeting: [email protected]. We're happy to collaborate with you on building an App and getting set up.