New Node.js Library

We released a Node.js library for the Partner API on September 28th, 2021. The library speeds up development time by giving standard, easy-to-use functions that are native to JavaScript. It also saves you hassle with easy handling of development vs. production environments, automatic retries in case of failures, and more.

New format to articles

We've updated the Partner API docs to be categorized into 4 different types of articles: How-to, Reference, Concepts, and Tutorials. We hope you find the categorization more effective and clear. Please tell us if something is missing, hard to find or you have any other feedback!

New Collections JavaScript API

We now have a new API for getting collections from the browser. You can access specific collections data and filter it for specific content. This can be leveraged with custom widgets to fetch and display the exact data you need.


App Store Docs

Release of App Store Docs

getCollection JS API method

Today we added a new JS method called getCollection. This new method provides the ability to pull data from a given collection. This can be done in custom javascript or within a custom widget. The method will work on any page across a site. There is no need to connect a widget or page to a collection.

Content Injection Guide

Today we posted a new guide on Content Injection. This guide provides a walkthrough on how to implement content injections as well as all the support content types. Examples are provided for each content type.

New Javascript Functions

Today we launched two new Javascript functions that can be used on your published sites. Normally these functions are used in custom widget code to determine certain behavior.

Custom Widgets - External JS Apps

Today we launched the ability to control a custom widget through an external javascript app. This app can be written using a JS framework like React, Vue or Angular. It can also be written in plain javascript. We are excited about this feature for developers building more complex custom widgets that require a lot of javascript. This capability allows the separation of the logic and presentation of a custom widget.

New API Reference

Today we updated our API reference documentation. This update includes two major changes.

Dynamic Pages

Today we released our first version of dynamic pages. Dynamic Pages can be used to programmatically add pages to a website. You can learn more by reading our Dynamic Pages guide.