The Duda API allows you to integrate Duda into your website, workflow or product. It's one of the main starting points for any integration. The API is a REST based with JSON responses.


You can request access from within the Duda dashboard with the steps below. Please contact us for more details.

  1. Login to your dashboard at
  2. Click on White Label and select API Access from the dropdown
  1. Submit request to be granted API access by clicking the Request Access Now button shown below.

Response Codes

All APIs will respond with one of the following response codes:



200 OK

The request was successful and the response body contains the representation requested

204 No Response

The request was successful, but there is no information to send back (usually returned by successful non-GET operations)

302 Found

A common redirect response; you can GET the representation at the URI in the Location response header

400 Bad Request

The data given in the request failed validation. Inspect the response body for details (see Error data structure for details)

401 Unauthorized

The supplied credentials, if any, are not sufficient to access the resource

404 Not Found

Resource is not available under requested URL

500 Server Error

This usually means there was a problem on Duda's end. Double check to make sure your data sent is correct then reach out to Duda for help

Error JSON

The applicative validations and errors are returned with 400 (Bad Request) HTTP response code accompanied with the following error structure:

  "message":"Template with ID '123456' doesn't exist"






Code of the error, i.e. ResourceNotExist InvalidInput InternalError



Detailed error message

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