Open a Popup in the Editor

The Editor JS API provides a platform.ui object to manipulate the UI of the editor. Currently, the only piece of UI available is a popup component. The popup provides a convenient container within which you can place your own interface. Once a popup opens, the Editor JS API executes a render function where code should be placed to build a UI. See the Platform UI reference for all available parameters to the openPopup method and the arguments provided to the render function.

Follow the instructions in the Adding Custom Editor JavaScript tutorial to open the custom HTML editor. Paste the following code in the HTML editor and click Done to save the code and close the modal. Make sure to include the surrounding script tags when copying the code.

  function render(args) {
    // container is the DOM element of the popup itself.
    args.container.innerHTML = '<iframe src="" width="500" height="300"></iframe>';
  window.addEventListener("load", function () {
	  platform.ui.openPopup("custom-editor-popup", {
      width: 500,
	    height: 300,

This code opens a popup immediately after entering the editor. First, wait for the editor to fully load before calling the openPopup method with options for the width, height, and render function. The render function uses the container argument to insert an iframe into the modal and display a website.