Marketing & Support Requirements

This page outlines the marketing and support requirements for individual apps that integrate into Duda. These requirements are essential for a successful app integration and aim to maximize the app's visibility, generate leads, and provide excellent customer support. By meeting these requirements, app developers can enhance their app's reach, improve customer engagement, and ensure a positive user experience within the Duda platform.


Minimum Requirements

  • Complete your App Profile via the App Store Manifest
  • Prepare a Support Article
  • Prepare Product Release Notes
  • Submit materials by completing this Onboarding Form

What you can do

  • Promote the integration on your website
  • Promote the integration on your social media channels
  • Prepare white-label sales materials (Sales Material Form)
  • Prepare a Sales One-Pager (Sales Material Form)
  • Provide Duda with a demo website for your product
  • Join Duda's Community

What we can do together

  • Dedicated social media campaigns
  • Guest blog on Duda's Blog
  • Dedicated email newsletter outreach


  • Be ready to handle and assist with customer support inquiries

Minimum Requirements


The following items are required to publish your app in Duda's App Store.

While we aim for a complete solution where both parties collaborate on key marketing initiatives together, these are the minimum requirements to successfully launch your app in the Duda App Store.

As part of the Duda App Store onboarding, you will be required to complete this form that provides our teams with the necessary information to get you set up.

App Profile

Your app profile is the single most important aspect of promoting your app to Duda web professionals. You will be responsible for filling in your App Profile by following this guide.

Here are some items of the App Profile that you should focus on completing fully:

  • App Description & Key Features: We recommend filling this section in completely while adhering to the character limitations. Aim to provide a detailed and concise outline to further communicate your app's value proposition while being thorough and addressing important aspects of your app
  • App Images: You will need to include 3-6 images that accurately portray the value proposition of your app. Images should not be mere screenshots of your app, but should rather be relevant and accurately represent your app. You may include a small amount of text on your image to further explain what your app does, what its features are, or what problem is it solving.

Support Article

App developers are required to create a detailed support article that Duda will publish on its Support Portal for customers. This article should cover common issues, troubleshooting steps, and best practices for using the app within the Duda platform. It serves as a resource for customers seeking assistance and helps reduce support inquiries.

Here is a great article prepared by our partner AudioEye that you can use as a reference.

Product Release Notes / In-app Promotion

Upon launching your app, and periodically, you will have app updates that need to be communicated to Duda's customers and users of your app. These updates will be pushed to our audience as Release Notes which are found both when logging in to the Duda Site Dashboard for the first time for that week and within the Duda Resource Center underneath Product Updates.

For ongoing product release updates, you can submit App Updates by completing this form. We recommend that you submit updates quarterly to keep customers up-to-date on relevant enhancements to your app.

What you can do to promote your app


The following items are optional but highly recommended.

Upon launch, there are a variety of activities that you can undertake to help drive the success of your app. These activities are not required but highly recommended.

Your website

To further promote your app launch, you should add details about the integration into Duda's App Store to your website. This helps current and potential customers learn more about the unique value proposition that your app offers to Duda customers.

Social Media

Promoting your app on social media is an effective way to reach potential customers. We strongly suggest dedicating a few social media posts to the new integration with Duda, tagging us on each post. Our team is active across social media platforms and will engage with your posts to increase reach.

White-label Sales Collateral

To facilitate app adoption, app developers need to create white-label sales collateral that agencies can utilize when discussing the app solution with their customers. This collateral should include a comprehensive competitor analysis highlighting the app's unique advantages compared to its competitors. It should also incorporate quantitative findings, market data, and any other relevant information that supports the app's value proposition. This information is key for the agency and its customers to understand your product best.

You will find an excellent example of these materials from our partner AudioEye where they outline a variety of case studies, Myths vs. Facts, key feature reports, and other promotional information helping agencies make a better-informed decision about their product. These materials are also key for agencies to communicate the benefits of AudioEye to their customers. As found in the Sales Collateral section of this page, you'll notice AudioEye has prepared a Customer Presentation that agencies can use as well. We strongly encourage you to prepare the same.

To submit Sales Material and White Label Sales Material, complete this form.

Sales One-Pager

App developers must develop a concise and informative sales one-pager specifically for Duda's sales and account managers. This document should highlight the key features, benefits, and use cases of the app. It equips the sales team with the necessary information to effectively promote the app to potential customers and facilitate the sales process.

Here is a great sales-one pager put together by our partners over at that you can use for reference.

Demo Website

Creating a dedicated demo website showcasing the app's capabilities on a live website is crucial. This allows potential users to explore and experience the app's features in a realistic environment. The demo website should demonstrate the app's functionalities, ease of use, and the value it brings to users' websites.

Join Duda's Community

Once your app launches, we encourage you to interact with our community of web professionals to bring additional value to your app, answer any specific questions or concerns, or just see what our customers are saying!

Duda has an online Community platform and a Facebook group that both work as dedicated spaces for web professionals to converse on a wide variety of relevant topics. We ask that you join these communities to hear from our most engaged customers firsthand.



  • Please do NOT post direct promotions of your product or services in these communities, we do not allow unsolicited content.
  • If you do post content, please limit it to relevant topics and follow the guidelines set in these communities.
  • If a Duda customer posts about the need or interest for something your product or service can provide as a solution, you can comment but do not do so as a sales pitch
  • If you have questions about content in the communities or are unsure how to best share content, please reach out to Scotty Strehlow at [email protected].

Join Duda's Facebook Group

Duda also offers a private Facebook Group for our web professionals who wish to connect with other web professionals and increase their knowledge of the industry and Duda's products.

To join our Facebook Group, follow this link and click “Join Group”. Our team will grant you access shortly thereafter. The same rules apply to our Facebook Group as outlined for our Duda Community.

What we can do together


The following items are evaluated on a case-by-base basis.

To further promote the most strategic apps, we may choose to devote additional resources at launch to improve the visibility of your app. While our goal is to provide the best possible environment for your app to thrive, not all apps will qualify for these opportunities.

These campaigns include featuring your app on the Duda website, blog posts, newsletters, targeted email campaigns to Duda's user base, and engaging with our Duda community. By leveraging Duda's marketing efforts, app developers can benefit from increased exposure and user acquisition.

Social Media and Brand Assets

App developers are responsible for providing Duda with social media assets and other brand assets related to the app. These assets will be used in social media campaigns, advertisements, and promotional materials to create brand awareness and drive engagement.

Please provide high-resolution logo assets, both in 1:1 and 16:9 formats, as well as assets relating to your product or platform that we can use when promoting your app.

Guest Blog

App developers are encouraged to write a guest blog for Duda's website, focusing on the problem their product solves in the market. However, the blog should not be overly promotional. Instead, it should provide valuable insights, industry trends, or expert advice that educates readers and positions the app as a solution within the market.

Here is a link to Duda's Blog where you can find a variety of blogs published around key topics, including apps in our App Store.


Support Inquiry Handling

App developers should have a clear process in place for handling support inquiries related to their app. This includes providing timely responses, troubleshooting guidance, and resolving customer issues effectively. Proactive and responsive support contributes to a positive user experience and strengthens the app's reputation within the Duda ecosystem.

Most agencies will contact Duda for the initial support inquiry (Tier 1 support) where we will do our best to immediately triage the inquiry. We expect a clear channel of communication, either via Slack or another mechanism, for our Support Team or the agency to contact you directly in aiding with this inquiry.

By fulfilling these marketing and support requirements, app developers can maximize their app's exposure, attract a larger user base, and provide exceptional customer support within the Duda platform. These efforts collectively contribute to a successful integration and foster long-term app success.