A list of available Duda Webhook Events.


All webhooks related to blog events are listed below.

Blog Post Publish

A notification is sent when a blog post is published. A publish can be triggered inside the Duda editor. Event type: BLOG_POST_PUBLISH

  "data": {
    "title": "The Art of Playing Baseball",
    "republish": true,
    "first_publish": false
  "source": {
    "type": "EDITOR",
    "account_name": "[email protected]"
   "resource_data": {
    "site_name": "der45dtj3465tee"
   "event_timestamp": 1567603977697,
   "event_type": "BLOG_POST_PUBLISH"
data.titlestringThe title of the blog post
data.republishbooleanBoolean stating if this was a republish of an existing blog post
data.first_publishbooleanBoolean stating if this was the first publish of a blog post
source.typestringThe location of the source for the publish event. Possible values are EDITOR
source.account_namestringIf a publish was triggered through the editor, then this contains the account who initiated the publish