Simple Editor

The Simple Editor is a scaled back version of the advanced editor that empowers customers to independently create beautiful websites in minutes, without advanced technological or design skills. It builds one-page websites, making it ideal for customers who do not need a traditional website and instead need a web page that highlights their digital assets and links to their established social channels. For agencies, the Simple Editor can be used to simplify the DIY flow or as a lead generation tool to attract new customers to upsell to.



You need to be on a Custom plan to purchase the Simple Editor. To upgrade your plan or purchase the Simple Editor, schedule time with our team.

The Simple Editor builds one-page websites with up to ten sections. During onboarding, the customer is guided through 5 steps to gather the basic information needed to create a fully functioning, responsive website. In each step, the customer can add content or skip and add content later. Once the customer has entered their information, it is populated into premade sections. In the editor, the customer can change the theme, turn on or off individual sections, add SEO titles and descriptions, and edit text, photos, and buttons. When the customer is satisfied with their design, they can publish their website.

To see what the Simple Editor experience looks like for customers, watch the Simple Editor video.

Simple Editor and Instant Websites Comparison

Instant websites use the Duda API to push data gathered from customers into the Content Library where it then populates a connected template. Setting up an Instant Website flow involves creating connected templates, setting up API connectivity, automating content collection, and creating an onboarding flow. While setting up an Instant website flow requires weeks of upfront development work, once set up you can quickly create websites in mass. This is different from the Simple Editor where the upfront development effort is low and only one site is created at a time. In terms of editing a site, Simple Editor users can add or remove predefined sections and buttons, whereas Instant website users cannot edit their sites. When offering upgrade options, the Simple Editor can be upgraded to the advanced editor while Instant Websites can offer the ability to lock or unlock certain elements for customer editing.

To learn more about Instant Websites, see Instant Websites.