Learn more about Duda's Widget Builder

About Custom Widgets

Duda's Widget Builder allows you to build your own custom widgets and make them available to your customers. You can design widgets which look and act exactly like all other Duda widgets found in the website editor. The Widget Builder allows you to integrate with third-party services or provide a new design element and include all the functionality that you want.

Custom Widgets are built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and support standard Duda input options for both the content and design of widgets, to help maintain consistency of UI and experience for customers building websites.


To learn more, check out Building Custom Widgets on Duda University.


You can start building widgets from within the Duda dashboard with the steps below. Contact us for more details.

  1. Login to your dashboard at
  2. In the top navigation, click Team and select Widget Builder from the dropdown.


Agency Plan or Higher

In order to access this part of the platform, an Agency plan or higher is required. Contact us for more details.