Get SSO Link

Generates a link that automatically logs an Account into Duda.

All valid targets are listed below. If a target is specified, then a site_name must be provided. You can generate a link to the Duda dashboard, the editor, stats page or reset a site. If you are sending the user to the stats, editor or reset pages, you will need to pass the site_name and target on the query string. After generating the link, you should direct the users browser to this URL. This API is supported for CUSTOMER and STAFF account types.

Target LocationQuery KeyQuery ValueDescription
Dashboard(none)(none)Send the user directly to their website dashboard. You do not need to send a target or site_name parameter.
StatstargetSTATSSend the user directly to the website statistics page.
Site EditortargetEDITORSend the user directly to the white labeled website builder.
Template ChoosertargetRESET_SITESend the user directly to select a new template / reset site page. If the user does reset the site, all existing website edits will be lost and the site will be reset to a new template that is selected.
Template ChoosertargetSWITCH_TEMPLATESend the user directly to select new a template without resetting the site. This will retain all site data and installed apps. When implementing a DIY Flow it is highly recommended to use this target and not RESET_SITE.
Simple EditortargetRESET_BASICSend the user directly to the simple editor to build or maintain their site. (note: the simple editor is an add-on and may not be available on all accounts)
Store ManagementtargetSTORE_MANAGEMENTSend the user directly to the Store Management area within the site editor.


SSO Links should be generated on demand and should not be generated upon page load or be statically linked to. SSO Tokens are only valid for two minutes, so you need to verify in real time that the user is authenticated to your system, then generate the SSO link once they intend to enter the editor, dashboard, stats, etc..