Get Account Brand

Getting a site via App Store APIs

Get the branding, URL, Logo, and colors of the parent account associated with the website. This can be used to generate similar colors for your App, get the white labeled dashboard domain, or understand more about the agency that's installing your App.

  "logo": "urlString",
  "color": {
    "links": "string",
    "button_background": "hexOrRgbString",
    "button_text": "hexOrRgbString",
    "text_on_light": "hexOrRgbString",
    "text_on_dark": "hexOrRgbString",
    "header_background": "hexOrRgbString",
    "preview_background": "hexOrRgbString"
  "preview_background_image": "urlString",
  "dashboard_domain": "urlString"