Create Certificate

Generate a SSL certificate for a specific website.

This will enable a HTTPS connection between site visitors and the Duda platform. It usually takes 15-30 minutes to successfully generate a SSL certificate for a website. You can get the status of the SSL certificate by calling the GET site API and checking the certificate_status parameter. Once the certificate is successfully generated, all website visitors will be redirected to the HTTPS connection. This can be disabled by setting force_https value to false in the site object. You do not need to worry about renewing the certificate, as Duda will do this automatically.


Before sending this API call, it's important that the domain is successfully pointed to Duda's servers. We only currently offer Domain Verified (DV) certificates. As part of the API call, Duda will verify that the domain is correctly pointing at the platform. If it is not, Duda will return an error.