Upload Resource

Upload a resource to the website from an external source. Resource is uploaded to Duda's CDN and made available to anyone building the website.


Please make sure files you upload have the correct extension. For example, PNG images should have .png and JPEG should have .jpg or .jpeg


Only 10 resources can be uploaded in a single call

n_failuresintThe number of failed resource that failed to upload.
uploaded_resourcesArray of ObjectsAn array of objects describing each resource uploaded. This contains an original URL, new URL (in the Duda system) and a status.
original_urlURLThe source URL of the resource that was uploaded.
new_urlURLA direct URL link to the resource from the Duda CDN.
statusStringThe status of the upload. Value can be NOT_FOUND or UPLOADED


Since Duda must download the image, multi-size them and finally compress images uploaded through this API, it can often take several seconds to respond, depending on the number of images. If possible, we recommend you perform this action asynchronously.