Client Permissions Object

STATS_TAB(None)Access to statistics for this website.
EDITBLOG, LIMITED_EDITINGAllow the user to perform all possible edits to the website, such as delete and move elements, and add new content.
DEV_MODEEDITAllow direct access to the HTML & CSS of the website. This still allows the user to use the HTML embed widget.
INSITEEDITAdd, edit, or delete existing website personalization rules.
E_COMMERCE(None)Manage catalogue, view orders and control store settings.
SEOEDITSet SEO settings on the site or page level.
CUSTOM_DOMAINEDITSet or edit the domain of a website. Can only be accessed on published websites.
BLOG(None)Give access to write new posts, edit existing ones, and manage blog settings.
REPUBLISHEDITUpdate the live site with all changes made in the editor.
PUBLISH(None)Publish the site for the first time.
ADD_FLEXEDITAdd Flex templates and sections in the editor.
BACKUPSLIMITED_EDITINGCreate, restore and delete backups.
RESETLIMITED_EDITINGReset and pick a new template for an existing site.
AI_ASSISTANT(None)Enable clients to use the AI Assistant to generate content.
LIMITED_EDITING(None)Edit existing widget content.
SITE_COMMENTS(None)Add, edit and delete site comments.
CONTENT_LIBRARYLIMITED_EDITINGManage site Content Library including images, business info, form responses, etc.
EDIT_CONNECTED_DATA(None)Edit connected content from the Connected Data popup.
MANAGE_CONNECTED_DATAEDIT, EDIT_CONNECTED_DATA, CONTENT_LIBRARYAdd and manage widgets with Connected Data. Create and manage Dynamic Pages.
USE_APPLIMITED_EDITINGUse all apps which are added to a site, requires editing permissions.
CLIENT_MANAGE_FREE_APPSLIMITED_EDITINGAdd, remove and use free apps. Use paid apps added by other users. Requires editing permissions.