New payment scopes

As part of supporting new payment gateways built via App Store, we now support scopes for Payment Sessions in App Store. We also now have a full [how-to build a payment gateway integration guide.](

New webhooks for Apps

Apps can now subscribe to the following webhooks:

New Webhooks

We've released a series of new webhooks for our Apps and Enterprise Partners to use:

Payment gateways

We've released new APIs for developers to be able to integrate their own custom payment gateway into Duda eCommerce. This can be for alternative payments, Buy Now Pay Later, or local payment gateways that might be needed. Take a look at the documentation:

eCommerce APIs

We're excited to start rolling out our eCommerce APIs. This is for Duda's new native eCommerce product. Today, we support the following APIs:

Widgets Dynamic Dropdown

Dynamic Dropdown is a new input type that allows you to pull data directly from an outside server into a widget. This is great if the settings of your widget are configured outside of Duda and you need a user to select from a few different options they might have configured or set. A dynamic dropdown will fetch data from your server and present a few different options in the widget settings. Those settings then get saved in the widget for later usage.

New Node.js Library

We released a Node.js library for the Partner API on September 28th, 2021. The library speeds up development time by giving standard, easy-to-use functions that are native to JavaScript. It also saves you hassle with easy handling of development vs. production environments, automatic retries in case of failures, and more.

New format to articles

We've updated the Partner API docs to be categorized into 4 different types of articles: How-to, Reference, Concepts, and Tutorials. We hope you find the categorization more effective and clear. Please tell us if something is missing, hard to find or you have any other feedback!

New Collections JavaScript API

We now have a new API for getting collections from the browser. You can access specific collections data and filter it for specific content. This can be leveraged with custom widgets to fetch and display the exact data you need.


App Store Docs

Release of App Store Docs